School of Education of Tianjin University

The School of Education of Tianjin University has developed gradually from the former School of Vocational and Technical Education, which was established by the State Education Commission in Tianjin University in 1989. In the 20 years’ history of development, the school has grown in strength and achieved extraordinary accomplishments in disciplinary construction, talent training, scientific research and international exchange under the guidance of school-running ideas of “starting from high, producing fineness, showing uniqueness, being exemplary”. Therefore, the school has gained a good reputation in the field of education in China.

In disciplinary construction, the school owns three research institutes including the Institute of Higher Education, the Institute of Vocational and Technical Education and the Institute of Modern Education Technology. The school also owns one of Tianjin’s key research bases of humanities and social sciences – the Education Science Research Center. The school has one first-level master discipline of Education and two second-level master disciplines of Education Economy & Management and Applied Psychology. In addition, the school owns one second-level doctoral discipline of Vocational and Technical Pedagogy.

In talent training, the school has set up a “Department of Education Technology" and a "Department of Education Management” and has created a complete talent training system with the combination of general academic education of students of different levels, ranging from doctoral and master postgraduate students to undergraduate students to vocational students, and continuing education, mainly in the form of short-term training.

In scientific research, the School has undertaken a total of 8 projects from the National Social Science Fund, the Social Science Foundation of the Ministry of Education and the International Cooperation Projects. The school has also published 6 high-level monographs and won 10 provincial and ministerial awards in the past three years. The school has a strong research team on which there are 6 doctoral supervisors, 15 master supervisors, 8 professors and 10 associate professors to form a reasonable academic echelon.

The school conducts international and regional exchanges and cooperation actively. In recent years, on the basis of the “International Vocational and Technical Education Dual Master” project, in collaboration with the University of Magdeburg, Germany, the two universities initiated the “International Vocational Education Alliance” and launched the “International Vocational and Technical Education Dual Doctor" cooperation program. The school has received visiting experts and scholars from the United States and Germany and admitted overseas students from Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and Laos for academic degree study. The school has conducted joint research with renowned overseas institutions such as the University of Houston and signed a cooperation agreement with the Teacher Training Center of Indonesia.

The school will adhere to the ideas of “characteristic development” and “closely serving the central work of the university” and gradually create a more brilliant tomorrow with the joint efforts of all staff.