Introduction about educational economy and management of School of Education

Educational Economy and Management is an applied subject of the   combination of theory and practice on the basis of Pedagogy, Economics and   Management. Educational   Economy and Management major of Tianjin University has been authorized as Master's   Degree-awarding Institution by Academic Degree Committee of the State Council   in 1996, dated from second bachelor degree program of Higher Educational   Management in 1983 and Enrollment & Education of postgraduates of Educational   Management in 1993. The major now has several study directions, such as   Educational Management, Educational Economics, Higher Education(Higher Engineering Education   & Higher Vocational Education), Educational Technology.

Introduction about applied psychology of school of education

Applied psychology of education college inTianjinUniversityis a major positioning “teaching and researching, clinical practice and service society”. By strengthening the teaching management, concentration features and creating its brand to improve the quality of graduate students training overall and to realize the mutual promoting mechanism of the teaching and scientific research. By means of clinical practice, it closes to the actual and hot spot of scientific research. Provide top service for the public through guiding students to serve society, at the same time, transferring academic achievement to society. Applied psychology discipline becomes a place of passing experience, studying academic and devoting society just because the integration of “teaching and researching, clinical practice and service society”.

Introduction about Vocational and Technical Education of School of Education

Disciplinary Orientation: Vocational and technical education (VTE) of Tianjin University is a trinitarian discipline including “a research platform, a disciplinary center and a base for higher-level talents training”. The research platform is a national higher level place for vocational and technical education research collecting experts domestic and abroad. It is featured in policy of VTE, management of VTE, vocational teachers group construction, vocational ethics and moral education in vocational schools. The disciplinary center refers to the academic center of Chinese vocational and technical education. The mission of this center is to construct major disciplinary groups of VTE which includes philosophy of VTE, curriculum of VTE, teaching and learning of VTE, history of VTE, comparetive vocational education, moral education of vocational schools, psychology of vocation, sociology of vation and labor economics and so on. The base for higher-level talents training means the place for training candidate for doctor and master degrees and other nondegree talents.

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